Windows Application Development


Smartphones have lead to a paradigm shift in the way businesses handle online marketing strategies. The idea of complete connectivity with the target groups, offline as well as online, anywhere in the world and at anytime, is seen as a lucrative opportunity for businesses. Informative and recreational applications make a smartphone what it is meant for, in its truest sense.

Windows 8 Phone

Windows 8 is the latest release of Microsoft and one can call it an instant hit. Windows 8 has taken touch applications to a new level; the platform’s DNA is touch!

Neck to neck with its contemporaries like iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones, Windows 8 has launched an array of applications that help the users with their personal and professional tasks.

In addition, Windows 8 has gone one step ahead of its competitors in its bid to outdo them by providing multitasking features, i.e. enabling the user to operate more than one application at any given time. One can easily operate more than one application at any given time on their Windows smartphone just as we do on the Windows PC.

Windows 8 Application Development for your Business

Businesses looking to target their niche audience, should consider developing a Windows 8 mobile application, especially if a touch application would boost your line of business.

Windows 8 mobile app offers several advantages for your business:

  • Windows 8 is an enterprise operating system, so it is enterprise ready.
  • Windows 8 apps would help you stay seamlessly connected with your niche target groups.
  • Developing Windows 8 applications is cost-effective.
  • Windows 8 applications allow multimedia streaming on Windows Mobile.
  • The excellent touch features of Windows 8 opens up an arena of creative applications for your business that can exploit the unique touch features fully.

Roemin Windows 8 Application Development Services, Australia

Roemin Creative Technology, a web designing and development organization based in Melbourne, offers high quality and interactive Windows 8 Application Development Services in Australia.

We at Roemin, constantly train our web developers to keep in pace with the rapidly growing technology; which is why our skilled developers are already adept at Metro UI and developing Windows 8 mobile application, for your business.

Our experienced Mobile apps development teams do not just have the technical acumen but are passionate tech-lovers. Our teams develop intuitive, innovative and interactive Windows 8 applications based on your business objectives, through intelligent planning and flawless execution of your ideas.

With our Windows 8 application development services, you can increase your business reach, offer a new entertainment option to your target audience thus increasing their engagement, stay connected with your target group always, and strengthen your brand image.

For developing engaging Windows 8 applications to cater to your business in Melbourne or anywhere in Australia, contact us.

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