Website Usability Auditing


In this online marketing era, websites are the most effective business and marketing tools. Almost every business has a website, and consumers are taking to visiting websites to find products/services more than ever. The usability and user-friendliness of a website is therefore the key to enhancing business growth and increasing prospects.

Website Usability Auditing

The ease with which qualified visitors are able to find what they seek, and perform the critical tasks on your website is termed as website usability.

Website usability auditing involves the analysis of your website for its usability. There are several benefits of performing a website usability evaluation:

  • Increased traffic
  • Increased conversion from visitor to customer
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Increased ROI on investments in online marketing

Steps Involved in Website Usability Auditing

Before performing usability analysis for your website, you have to:

  • Establish the critical objectives of the website: Typically, a website has multiple objectives. Identify the most critical goals of your website so it can be evaluated whether the website usability allows users to perform the specific tasks.
  • Define a typical visitor:Define a typical persona of your target audience. This is essential because your website usability has to be optimised for these target users, who will be using your site frequently to carry out the established set of goals.

The main aspects that are evaluated during a website usability auditing are:

  • Ease of Navigation:During a website usability auditing, the ease of navigation of your website will be analysed. You can evaluate if the design is aesthetic and appealing, if visitors are able to identify their location (presence of intuitive and clickable breadcrumb trails), if the navigation is intuitive, if the page URLs are understandable, if there is effective search filtering and so on.
  • Content Structuring and Layout:Website usability evaluation analyzes whether the content is easily readable, whether the visitors are able to find the information they seek, if the fonts, style and tone of the content matches the target persona, if the content has a proper structural hierarchy and flow, if the images support the content, and so on.
  • Functional Flow:Website usability analysis will evaluate whether the website functionality is logical, consistent and efficient to use.
  • Form Effectiveness:Website usability auditing also evaluates whether the forms are intuitive to use, labels are descriptive, pop-ups are informative and friendly, and confirmation pages are relevant.
  • Error Handling:Website usability analysis should also evaluate whether the visitors can recognize and recover from errors and if the error handling messages are friendly and provide a solution.
  • Availability of Help:Website usability auditing also analyses whether intuitive and readily accessible guidance is available to visitors.

ROEMIN Website Usability Auditing Services in Australia

ROEMIN Creative Technology, Melbourne, offer unrivalled website usability auditing services in Australia. We have skilled web designers, having more than 10 years experience in the field of web designing and development.

Typically, conducting the usability auditing of a website from an outsider perspective is better as it allows objective evaluation. Our teams know the nuances of web usability analysis well and provide you a comprehensive report.

From our website usability auditing services, you will be able to identify the areas where your visitors are most likely to experience problems and the strengths and weaknesses of your website usability, with recommendations for improvement.

If you are in Melbourne or anywhere in Australia, contact us for your website usability auditing and optimisation.

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