Website Development


When the website designs are complete, it is time for the web developer to work his magic. In a nutshell, website development services mean that we will take your website designs and convert them into a fully functional website that is ready for online launch. The final product can be delivered in various forms, according to the customer’s choice:

Static Website Development:

A static website offers customers a solution with a front end only. What does that mean?  Well, static website development is generally setup for launch and then is not editable unless done using html or other relevant programming languages. This does not offer a backend that allows you to edit the website easily and flexibly, as is achievable with Content Managements Systems (CMS)

Content Management System:

This is the preferred solution by ROEMIN Creative Technology. Some web developers may say that content management systems incur extremely expensive development costs. However, our years of experience with web development in Melbourne have taught us that this is a myth.

This may be true when it comes to creating a Custom Content Management System, but with ready-made CMS systems such as Joomla, Drupal, Expression Engine and WordPress, your website designs can be integrated in these systems allowing our customers with the ability to edit their website immediately, easily and by themselves. After all, effective website development services have to offer clients scalability and ease of manoeuvre.

When clients only require websites with standard functionalities, ready-made CMS systems are the ideal choice. Yet, when more complex features are needed, a custom CMS system is the best bet.

Custom Content Management Systems:

When your website requires specialised functionality, ROEMIN Creative Technology can build you a Custom Content Management system. We are developing such systems for companies and individuals in Perth, Karratha, Melbourne and Sydney that run custom business functions. Our website developers and the custom CMS systems that they create help our clients make their internal processes more efficient and reduce the strain on physical resources.

As a top provider of website development services in Australia, ROEMIN Creative Technology understands that businesses evolve and that their online presence must evolve along with them. This is why we focus on offering custom-made solutions, tailored for each client. As all businesses are unique, so are the solutions ROEMIN offers in terms of web development services.

Custom CMS serves as valuable asset to companies and individuals when optimising daily processes, repetitive works, work flow management, document control, resource management and much more. Our clients have quickly learned that such systems are extremely helpful when it comes to reducing costs without diminishing the quality.

It’s our staff’s field experience and actual exposure to business activities in global companies that allows ROEMIN Creative Technology teams to truly understand requirements, and accordingly conduct website design and development in order to create a website that works, is user friendly, efficient and, most importantly, is managed and rolled out effectively.

Website Development Process:

Step 3: Website Development

After stage 1 and 2 is completed as part of the design phase, it is time for the designs to be integrated into a Content Management System or as a Static Website. This part will be completed independently as it will require very little customer feedback as we ensure that we have obtained all requirements and amendments prior to this stage. This Stage will include:

  • Website Development and Integration
  • Website Testing
  • Website Beta Testing on our Test Servers
  • Website Customer Review and Feedback
  • Website Content Development and Data Entry (by ROEMIN or Customer)
  • Changes/Enhancements (if required)

Step 4: Lift Off – Website Launch Time

Last but not least, we are happy to launch the website for you and start generating new business, readers or sales for you. In this stage we will:

  • Package your site and content and upload it on your server
  • Complete a series of functional tests
  • Launch the website for the world to see

When you need web development services in Melbourne or anywhere else in Australia, ROEMIN Creative Technology can provide you with complete solutions that take your online presence to the next level. Contact us today and learn what our highly-skilled web developers can do in order to create the perfect website for your business.

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