Mobile SEO


M-commerce is growing rapidly with the advent of new technology mobile platforms and smart phones. As the online world is going mobile, businesses have started adapting themselves too, by developing websites for mobile users.

Mobile SEO

Optimising websites for better ranking and hence more traffic has to be done for mobile websites too. However, mobile SEO strategies are a little different than computer-enabled, standard SEO strategies.

More than often, you might find different versions of websites on the internet and mobile internet. This is misleading, and the users find it confusing. Nevertheless, there are ways by which standard SEO websites can be optimised for different devices so that users can find the same website on two different devices.

Differences between Mobile SEO and Standard SEO

Mobile users are more engaged than computer users however, they are reluctant to scroll unlike computer users. So, it becomes all the more important to optimise your webpage to the top spot in the search engine results page (SERP).

The most critical differences between mobile SEO strategies and standard SEO strategies are:

  • The search behaviour of the users is different in mobiles from computer-based search.
  • The keywords used by the mobile users are also different in many cases.
  • There are different ranking algorithms for ranking a website in mobile search.
  • Indexing of pages by search engines is different in mobiles.

Mobile SEO Strategies

  • Develop websites that can be used across all devices:Simply reformatting a website for a smaller screen will not work as there a myriad of mobile phones and mobile operating systems. For better usability and performance, develop websites that can be used in all devices and mobile platforms. This improves the usability, performance, download speed and screen rendering, which in turn increases search ranking.
  • Keywords:Keywords have to be mobile-friendly for mobile SEO. This is because, most of the time, keywords aren’t even used by users because of the availability of features like Voice Search, Gesture Search, and so on. Also, keywords are used with different contexts in a mobile search. Conducting a proper mobile keyword research is essential for high search ranking.
  • Mobile-Friendly Content:In standard SEO strategies, descriptive content of about 250 words is required. However, in mobile SEO, the content has to be crisp and concise. Also, ensure that your outbound links are not too long.
  • Coding:Use compact HTML or XHTML for mobiles because robots crawl a site for indexing and ranking, and depending on the coding, your website will be indexed and ranked.
  • META Tags and Title Tags:Use meta tags and title tags of a smaller length, say 90 characters for meta tags and 40-60 characters for title tags. This is because mobile screens are smaller and therefore only fewer characters are displayed on SERP.

ROEMIN Mobile SEO Services, Australia

ROEMIN Creative Technology, in Melbourne offers the best-in-class mobile SEO services in Australia. We understand the differences between standard and mobile SEO techniques and have a dedicated mobile SEO team for making your site mobile-friendly.

Our team has the required technical know-how and are constantly trained to keep up-to-date with the changing SEO strategies. With our mobile SEO services, you can achieve top rank for your site in mobile search engines and increase traffic to your site and therefore increase business growth.

If you are in Melbourne or anywhere in Australia, contact us to create mobile-friendly sites and go mobile!

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