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It has been estimated that 30% of the internet searches contain a place, city or a zip code. More and more web users are using the internet, instead of outdated directories to search for a business in their locality. So if you are a local business having local customers, then local business optimisation is for you!

Local SEO Melbourne

Local SEO involves strategies such as local business listing and Local SEO for ranking your website high when a user searches with keywords relating to your business in your locality.

Local business listings are not just for small businesses; multinational corporations also get a boost in their search rankings with local business listings.

Local SEO Strategies

The following are the local business SEO strategies to be used for achieving the top spot in the search engine results page (SERP):

  • Local Business Listings:List your business in the local search directories such as Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing Local, Yelp, etc. This is important because listing your business in these directories would give you credibility and visibility, and would fetch you more traffic.
  • Keyword Research:In local business optimisation, keywords have to be both business-specific and geo-specific. Having industry-specific as well as location-specific keywords will rank high and bring more qualified visitors to your page.
  • Address and Phone Number:Placing your local address and phone number on all pages of your website, say in the footer, sends a good signal to the search engines. Ensure that the address and phone number is in the text and not in an image. This will allow search engine bots to index your page and rank high. This is also good for mobile users as your phone numbers would be clickable.
  • Map:Embedding a map in your website showing your location is a great signal for both visitors and search engine bots.
  • Local Reviews:Another great way to improve your visibility is to encourage users to give reviews for your products/services. Add buttons, badges and links to your local business listings on directories and ask your visitors to review your business on the directories. Both good and bad reviews help; but ensure to work on your bad reviews.
  • Local Link Building:To improve your rankings, you can adapt linking strategies such as inbound links from local bloggers, related local businesses, local events, local resource pages, and so on.
  • Multiple Locations:In case your business has multiple locations, have separate landing pages (URLs) for each location with unique content, with the location’s address, phone number, map, etc.
  • Social Marketing:Optimise your social media pages for the local audience.

Roemin Local SEO Business Optimisation Services in Melbourne, Australia

Roemin Creative Technology, Melbourne offers comprehensive local SEO business optimisation services. We have skilled professionals, adept at SEO techniques and strategies. Our teams have more than 10 years experience and are constantly trained for keeping up-to-date with the new strategies.

Our teams will help you right from local business listings in top local directories to adapting SEO strategies for ranking your local business website high in the SERP.

With our services, your local business can achieve improved search rankings, increased number of qualified visitors and enhance transition from visitor to customer.

Contact us for local SEO Services in Melbourne or anywhere in Australia.

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