Keyword Analysis


Keywords form the basis of search engine optimisation (SEO). Your website is ranked for your keywords – its relevance and density. If it has specific keywords at the right density, your website will rank high among the search engine result pages (SERP). A top spot in the search engines will in turn attract more traffic to your website.

Keyword Analysis

You can determine the best keywords for your website through keyword analysis. Keyword analysis is the research carried out to find the actual queries typed by qualified visitors of your website in their search engines. It is performed to achieve better rankings for the desired keywords.

From the keywords research you can identify your keyword demand, search volume, the number of people who actually visit your website and the keywords that converts readers into customers.

Significance of Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis will allow you to:

    • Increase Conversion:On identifying the keywords that have high conversion rates, you will be able to focus on them, and gain more customers and good return on investment (ROI).
    • Optimise Spend:Keyword analysis would help you distribute your resources more towards productive keywords and eliminate unsuccessful, uneconomical ones.
    • Identify Trends:With keyword analysis, you can get obtain insights in to market behavior and apply the same in your business.
    • Find New Markets:By using keyword analysis, you can discover more specific keywords and expand your search volume.

Long Tail Keyword Demand

Keywords have to be optimised for both traffic and conversion; keywords just attracting traffic would just gain a visitor but not a customer.

Short tail keywords are comprised of one or two words, such as ‘eyeglass frames’, ‘leather shoes’, and have large search volumes of more than 100 searches a day. These popular keywords are not very specific and only form 30% of the searches made. Moreover, these keywords may attract traffic to your websites but do not have high conversion rates.

Long tail keywords on the other hand, are highly specific, unique and in spite of the small search volume, form 70% of all the searches made. Consider the long-tail keywords for the keywords mentioned above, ‘eyeglass frames for kids’ and ‘brown leather shoes for men’, these keywords not only bring more traffic but have higher conversion rates.

Value of a Keyword

Keywords are ranked based on two factors: the popularity and competitiveness. Popular keywords generally have a high competition. Keywords, which are most relevant to your website, have a large number of searches, and the smallest competition, are the best for your website.

Keyword Analysis Tools

There are a variety of online tools that offer keyword research services, for example, Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool, where you can evaluate your keyword demand, search volume, rank and competition.

However, in spite of all its benefits, most of the search marketers do not have time for keyword analysis as it is a repetitive and time-consuming process.

Keyword Research Services in Australia

Roemin Creative Technology, in Melbourne, offers best-in-class keyword analysis services in Australia, for your website, to help you analyze your keyword demand and volume, optimise for conversion, rank high in SERP, and achieve high conversion rates and ROI.

At Roemin, we use multiple analysis tools and combine it with our private research to provide a comprehensive keyword analysis for your website.

With our keyword research services, you can anticipate shifts in demand, analyze and respond to changing market behavior, understand customer motivations and offer services/products that web users actively seek.

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