Expressionengine Customization


ExpressionEngine is a proprietary content management system developed by Microsoft and powered by .NET core. It is designed to create visually stunning websites and ease up the content updating process. Though not free, ExpressionEngine is an open source and community driven platform. This means that once you purchase a license, you are free to modify and build upon the core ExpressionEngine files.

ExpressionEngine customisations involve modifying the core ExpressionEngine files, adding extra features, enhancing the performance and eventually creating a website as per the client’s needs.

Advantages of ExpressionEngine CMS

ExpressionEngine offers thousands of add-ons that extend the feature-set of the standard installation. These add-ons open up unlimited possibilities and can boost your website’s performance while providing useful features to your visitors and backend managers.

Custom ExpressionEngine websites offers brilliant administrative features like admin logs, site memberships, searchable content forums, import/ export of data, SQL and extension manager, etc. These solutions are usually well equipped with the full range of management modules for site management.

ExpressionEngine powered websites are extremely easy to use and manage. The Graphical User Interface is straightforward and intuitive. Custom ExpressionEngine solutions include backend, as well as front-end editing of your data.

Security Features

ExpressionEngine solutions also provide a truly secure site where one can safely upload and share data. There are features like audit trails, captcha verifications (via a module), content approval and email verifications. ExpressionEngine is also SSL compatible, making your websites highly secure.

Websites powered by custom developed ExpressionEngine platform have never faced a major security breach in the last 10 years. Using features like spam blocker, one can avoid malicious activity on the web.

Roemin for ExpressionEngine Customisation in Australia

At Roemin, we pay prime importance to our customer’s requirements and deliver accordingly. Our dedicated team of ExpressionEngine professionals has delivered highly functional and extensible web products for big and small businesses. With the right amount of customisation, we have helped businesses rise from obscurity to limelight.

Roemin Creative Technology is a Melbourne (Australia) based digital communications company. If you are in Perth, Karratha or Western Australia, contact us to learn more about customised ExpressionEngine web development services. Alternatively, write to us at and one of our Customer Support Managers will get in touch with you.

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