Ecommerce Web Design


Over the last decade, the power of the Internet has changed how we conduct business. What started as an information powerhouse has now transformed into the biggest global supermarket. This virtual marketplace is continuously buzzing with buyers and sellers transacting in different kind of products and services. Welcome to eCommerce.

eCommerce Websites

One of the key reasons for this shift is the inherent comfort in transacting online. User-friendly websites, easy accessibility to high-speed Internet and a highly secure web experience are the main technical reasons for the growth of ecommerce.

Other factors such as high cost of premium shopping malls, substantial inventory holding cost, increasing no. of product categories and thousands unique products, are forcing retailers to reinvent their business model to cut costs. The online marketplace (ecommerce) is the logical next step.

Web Design for eCommerce

In order to offer your products on the Internet, you need to have an attractive, efficient and secure eCommerce website. Consider this as the virtual avatar of your brick and mortar shop. Here, the content and images are your sales representatives and your value proposition is the driving force.

Some of the key considerations while creating an eCommerce website are – designing and navigation features, ease of managing the backend, security aspects (financial transactions and client data), ability to leverage the power of online marketing and the technical aspects like integration with various user interfaces and order fulfillment modules.

eCommerce Web Designing and Navigation Features

A good eCommerce web designer will infuse the users preference and the brand’s identity to create an attractive, simple and efficient web design with will compel the users to explore the portal and induce a purchase.

Apart from the price, the ease of navigation and the ability to quickly find the correct information (and related products) is what users value in an eCommerce website.

Ease of Managing Products

The backend of an eCommerce website is as important as the frontend. Even with a basic knowledge of web technologies, the store manager should be able to easily add, delete and edit products on to the website.

Tasks like uploading and managing content and images, changing attributes like price, promotional offers, availability, delivery promises, etc. should be possible at a click of a mouse.

Security Considerations

Perhaps one of the biggest deterrents for eCommerce (conducting financial transactions online) is the threat of information theft of misuse. Thanks to rapidly evolving cyber security protocols and encryption technologies, this notion is gradually changing.

An eCommerce web design is expected to offer multiple levels of authorization and impenetrable data security for the user’s personal and financial information shared online.

Marketing and Promotions

In order to make the most of the online marketing and promotion opportunities, eCommerce web designers must ensure that their design is search engine friendly and that it offers many opportunities to conduct on-page SEO while allowing space for intuitive advertising like banners.

Order Fulfillment

One of the most crucial aspects of any eCommerce platform is the order fulfillment. In order to conclude a successful sale, an eCommerce website has to be able to execute an array of complicated tasks involving multiple stakeholders.

Once the user decides to buy a product, a series of modules (programs) and called into action for fulfilling the order. Shopping Cart, User Details, Payment Gateways, Warehouse and Logistics, Finance and Accounting are some of the stakeholders that coordinate for authorizing and executing an order.

eCommerce Web Design In Melbourne, VIC Australia

An established and experienced eCommerce web designer will be able to guide you towards the right set of solutions based on the nature of your business, the transaction volumes and traffic you expect on your eCommerce website.

Roemin Creative Technology is a Melbourne (Australia) based digital communications company offering a comprehensive set of services for eCommerce website designing. If you are in Perth, Karratha or Western Australia, contact us to learn more about how we can help you start an eCommerce store. Alternatively, write to us at and one of our Customer Support Managers will get in touch with you.

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