Competitor Website Analysis


While analyzing your own business is essential for your growth, the importance of tracking your competitor’s activities cannot be underestimated. You can get insights into your competition’s business strategies by analyzing their website.

Competitor Website Analysis

Competitor website analysis would provide you information about your competitor’s website performance, their search engine performance, visitor trends, and so on. Understanding your competitor’s web presence, online marketing strategies and campaigns would provide you an awareness of your weaknesses, and learn ways of plugging gaps.

In addition, it would also provide an insight into your competition’s weaknesses and therefore the areas that you can strengthen to become the leader in that niche. Competitor website analysis is particularly important for ecommerce based businesses.

The basic steps involved in a competitor website analysis are:

  • Identify Your Competition:Identify your competition by determining websites ranking well for your keywords; sites belonging to your niche and offline competition; through customer surveys, etc.
  • Perform Basic Site Inspection:Visit your competitor’s website and analyze their web design, quality of their content, call-to-actions, etc.
  • Search Engine Performance:Analyze the keywords they rank for, the number of indexed pages in search engines, their content optimisation, etc. This would give you an idea of your position with respect to your competition.
  • Traffic and Demography:Analyze the visitor behavior and demography of your competitor’s website. If your competition attracts more visitors, you can identify what attracts them. This would provide you with ideas for improving your web design or content for your audience.
  • Usability:Check the ease of navigation of your competitor’s website and compare the site architecture, content structure, page load time, etc. with your website.
  • KeywordsIdentify your competitor’s keywords and analyze the keywords that rank well for their sites. Analyze the keyword location – title, description, Meta tags, ALT tags, URLs, etc. This would give insights about high ranking keywords and how to effectively use them.
  • Content:Analyze the quality, relevance and readability of the content on your competitor’s website. Check the keyword density, and use of keywords in headings and sub-headings. Learn if your competitor is creating original, interesting content that promotes inbound links.
  • Inbound Links and Anchor Text:Evaluate the number and quality of the inbound links to your competitor’s website. Analyze the domains linking to their website, and the quality of the anchor text. Estimate their PageRank and compare with your website. This would give you a lot of link opportunities and ideas.
  • Site Marketing Performance:Evaluate their marketing strategies such as blogs, videos, and the frequency and popularity. This would give you ideas for developing your own marketing strategies.
  • Social Media Presence:Evaluate your competition’s social media presence and popularity. There are several tools available for performing different steps of competitor website analysis; it is a repetitive and ongoing process.

Roemin Competitor Website Analysis Services, Australia

Roemin Creative Technology, based in Melbourne, Australia offers a comprehensive competitor website analysis. Our teams are skilled SEO experts and web analysts, who will perform high quality and professional competitor website analysis for you.

Using our competitor analysis services, you can identify your competition’s strengths and weaknesses and re-visit your own strengths and weaknesses, determine areas of improvement in your website, spot opportunities, define your Unique Value Proposition (UVP), and ultimately enhance the growth of your business.

For improving your website or for preserving your top spot, contact us to get your competitor website analysis.

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