Our Team_

Our Amazing Team.

DION BASTIAN - Managing Director

Managing Director

Dion Bastian

ALYSSA YEW - Digital Marketer & Content Manager

Digital Marketer & Content Manager

Alyssa Yew

Eric Lau - Creative Director

Creative Director

Eric Lau

Shaun Trivedi - Chief Technical Officer

Chief Technical Officer

Shaun Trivedi

CARL CHNG - Project Manager

Project Manager

Carl Chng

DYLAN SUTHERLAND - Illustration and VFX

Illustration and VFX

Dylan Sutherland

JOSH DHRUVA - Project and Business Development Manager

Project and Business Development Manager

Josh Dhurva

ALEX CHU - VFX and Animation

VFX and Animation

Alex Chu

JUSTIN CHONG - Graphic Designer & 3D Artist

Graphic Designer & 3D Artist

Justin Chong

RUDY SANDAPA - Production Manager

Production Manager

Rudy Sandapa



Ralph Fields


Project Manager

Lori Harvey

ROEMIN Side Area

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