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How would you define “User Experience Design”?

The user expereince is a skill set that is refined with practice and the understanding of peoples intuative nature. That is what do they do naturally and how can you design the UX to work into the instictive usage characteristics.

In this post we will figure out the UX design techniques that are actually useful for start-ups, large scale enterprises and anyone who wants to enhance their web presence or brand image.

Several Definitions of UX

User Experience Design is an expansive and vague field. So, it’s hard to find one definition that can describe it fully. But I have brought in some best definitions that certainly describe some aspects of the daily routine of web designers.

“There are mainly 3 core disciplines in UX design – Visual/Interface Designs, Interaction designs, and Information Architects”

“User Experience Design embraces information architecture, interaction design, usability engineering, visual design and prototype engineering”

“The design, regardless of the medium and media, with human experience as a definitive outcome and human engagement as a definitive goal”

With the above definitions, we could actually figure out what a UX designer actually does. A UX designer is responsible for orienting, coordinating and helping all other designers to obtain a common goal; it is their prime role to ensure that the best user experiences are developed and evolved.

The million-dollar question is what are all those techniques that a good UX designer should put into practice?

Begin with Empathy

If you are a UX designer, you must integrate this “empathy” into your web designing skill set. Try to truly understand your targeted audience, their requirements, dreams, and challenges. You must explore their habits and learn about how they use your designs.

Usability Testing

Go outdoors and watch people using your design in reality. For the best business outcomes, you need to conduct usability testing before, during and post-launch of design. A design issue or a broken user experience which is found a day or two before the launch is typically kept for repair till the next release takes place, and sometimes it is completely overlooked. And thus, it is strongly recommended to test your designs from the early stage, and if possible at every major milestone of the process.

Go for the ‘Interviews’

Here I am not asking you to organize for the exclusive interviews with the users. But you can ask for the views of the company stakeholders, managers, other team members and even some of your social connections. Try to know them and understand them with an unbiased approach.

User journey mapping

The process involves finding both the opportunities and pain points of the brand or product. You may plan a workshop for a full day or half day at your work place to meet this objective. If you are a start-up, you may invite everyone of your staff to participate in the event, and if you are a big company then you may invite one or two members from every department. Use all gathered information or data for effective storytelling of the desired UX.

To conclude, it is a brilliant idea to watch how the consumers use the product which is a result of your skills and labor. If you are completely aware of your targeted audience’s real needs, you will certainly succeed in delivering great user experiences. And yes, knowing the latest web design trends will help!