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SEO Benefit of Local Business Citation Building

With increase in mobile surfing, importance of internet presence for local business has increased. Read this entire article to get useful tips on local citation building and also knowing how it can benefit local business.

The benefits of adopting a local SEO strategy can be gauged from the fact that a whopping 90% of people who conduct local searches are ready to make a purchase and end up visiting the business location or making a phone call.

Local SEO Benefits:

  • Search traffic that is locally focused is more accurate and therefore has a higher rate of purchases and conversions.
  • Once your business is established locally (eg: Albert Park, Victoria) based on local search results, this gives you a competitive edge in your industry.
  • Local searches are accompanied with a detailed map, directions and contact details, this increases the likelihood of the customers being able to easily locate the business and make a purchase.
  • Local SEO is an affordable marketing option than most other strategies, which makes it a great choice for small and medium businesses.

What Is A Citation?

  • Basically, whenever your company is mentioned online – that’s a citation. For SEO purposes, it is more effective if there is a reference to your company name, phone number, address, and also a link to your website. Without links between your company name and other specific details, Google and other search engines will have trouble linking the citation to your individual business. A citation can be a listing on an online phone directory, like the yellowpages/whitepages. Even if your company name and telephone number are mentioned on a social media channel, search engines are likely to take notice.

The Benefits of Citations in SEO for Small Business

  • Citations are good for your business. Your business being mentioned online, will bring attention to your products and services. You never know when potential customers will come across a reference to your company. Local SEO benefits will help promote your business in the long term. More local citation building, will result in higher search engine rankings. This will bring more web traffic and ultimately, more customers.
  • With Google and other search engines aiming to bring together geographical locations with businesses, it is crucial that they can track where your business is most active. With the right Local SEO strategy in place, which includes having strong local citations, you can even beat the large companies when it comes to ranking on search engine results pages.

How to Get Citations

  • There are many ways for local citation building that can improve your SEO.
  • One example of this is, if you make donations to a charity, ask if they have a website and if they can have your business details on it with links to your website.
  • Having more online links to local organizations will keep Google happy and help you increase your search engine rankings.
  • Sponsorship to business events is a great way to get listed on respected websites.
  • Sending emails and developing online relationships may take time, but if you want your business to grow in the long run, it is a necessary part of online marketing.
  • Ask your suppliers if they list stockists and get them to add a link to your website. This is a win, win approach as the more sales from your business means more sales for your suppliers too!