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Reasons why you should use video content in your marketing strategies right now

Video Content and Marketing are now sauce and Pizza!

The world is now seeing the benefits from Video content as “YouTube” is the second largest search engine on the web with getting 11% off total traffic.

From traditional TV commercials to the latest video platforms – YouTube, Facebook as well as using in Websites, can make a good reach to potential customers.

Roemin Creative Agency enlisted few reasons why you should use video content for your next marketing strategies.

Rise of video content – SEO & Marketing

The main reason of prompt rise of video in marketing is it’s effectiveness. The picture is worth for some words & lines, and video contains more than that in a single frame.

The video will also dominate the SEO industry soon, adding a video to your website increase 53% of the chance to getting top page ranking. Video helps to make stronger consumer attention, emotional attachment as well as trust.

Check out powerful video content statistics:

video marketing statistics

Source: Coschesule

More Engagements & ROI

Video converts more customers as well as engagements. A recent study remarks that 80% of marketers are happy with the ROI of their video ads on social media.


Source: LSA Online Video’s Next Frontier – Local


Yes, these are the reasons why you just can’t ignore the video content, and why we suggest to go for video content creation for your next marketing plan.

ROEMIN Creative’s Video Content creation team have the skills to develop high video content from TVC videos to Corporate Videos.

Contact us for a discussion about your video content creation project. We will put together the best quote for you that meets your needs.