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Effective real estate marketing techniques to grow your business

Marketing is too often misconstrued as an expense to a business’s bottom line, rather than what it more accurately is, an investment. When it comes to real estate marketing, you’re making an investment in your products, your services, your people and most importantly, your business and brand.

This often comes down to people understanding the importance and benefits of market, the different channels of marketing that can be utilised and the importance of websites and how they drive traffic. 

In the property marketing space, especially in competitive markets such as Melbourne, traditional marketing and advertising methods alone simply won’t bring your property marketing agency the best listings, nor the number of buyers you are looking to attract – especially post Covid-19. 

Successful property marketing agencies are utilising the power of Melbourne based digital marketing agencies to drive sales, even in market conditions that are less than ideal – with buyers leaving in their droves and heading north up the eastern seaboard! 

A great example of success in this space, is that of the $150 million high-rise apartment complex in West Melbourne, after its developer, United Asia Group, sold 70 per cent of the 171 apartments during the COVID-19 lockdown. The project demonstrates the power of effective marketing, targeting and the use of digital agencies can cut through and deliver outstanding results – even in the most trying of times.


Importance and benefits of marketing

As previously stated, simply saying ‘we are doing marketing’ is not enough, nor is you simply putting a sign in your window and an advertisement on or Domain!

Similar to the United Asia Group example, if you want your sales campaign to fire, you need to understand your audience, their needs, wants and demands – often before they do – this is marketing. It is imperative ahead of any marketing campaign to conduct a deep-dive analysis on who your target audience is, what key deliverables they are looking for, the price range, where they look for information, when and why. 

To effectively do this, you need more data, more tools and more capabilities than most property marketing agencies can handle alone. In addition, you need a plan. All good marketing efforts start out with a plan, containing goals, objectives, budgets and benchmarks, as well as a comprehensive roadmap on the use of marketing channels and tools.  


Different channels of marketing

There are many different marketing channels at your disposal in the real estate realm, but its how you use them in synergy, as part of a collective strategy – as contained in your marketing plan – is the key to the success of property marketing. 

The traditional channels of print media – in both local, national press, as well as specialised trade publications for commercial or industrial property – including sign boards and direct mail are the old school, but they are still important. 

Digital marketing channels which include social media engagement, real estate portals, personalised websites, video content, apps, and digital advertising are just some of the channels and tools at your disposal. 

Photography and video – especially during Covid-19 and beyond – has become a vital piece of the sales process. How your property is portrayed and viewed through the eyes of a buyer that may not be able to physically walk through the property is paramount. This, coupled with professional voice overs, music and hosted on YouTube for viewing around the world can then be shared throughout networks and social media – now an essential piece of the real estate marketing puzzle in recent times. 

Having the right digital marketing agency in Melbourne that understands the location, understands your marketing/business plan and can provide a turn-key solution from photography, video, digital and traditional advertising while driving your networks is a vital step in the right direction for your property marketing agency. 


Importance of website where you will drive the traffic

Sure, you may have a website, but as a property marketing specialist in Melbourne competing with thousands of real estate marketing campaigns and property marketing brands, do you expect to be noticed individually? Without a quality website, it is basically impossible to stand out from the crowd. 

A top-notch website should embrace rich content, videos, SEO-rich content and traffic-driving integrations to social media, YouTube, and fully integrated EDM systems (electronic direct mail). It should also have a defined path to purchase, or easy options to contact property marketing agents – the less clicks the better. 

Your traffic flow and engaging content must be designed to excite potential clients, have them staying on-page, and clicking through to the next pages, while also staying true to your strategy and brand – only experts can ensure that happens. 

Why not speak to one of Melbourne’s premier digital marketing agencies Roemin Creative Technology regarding an obligation free marketing strategy for your real estate marketing. Our friendly and professional team can provide your property marketing business with not only expert strategic planning tool and plans but qualified lead generation, effective brand activation, design, photo, video, auto and written content, communications and technology – your one stop shop to generating more leads and driving sales.

Specialising in real estate branding and property branding, the Roemin team offer an obligation free marketing strategy and quote for your property branding project, get in touch today to arrange yours.