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Property branding: 5 reasons to brand your property

Property Branding

When looking for a new brand, product, or service to take to market, a branding strategy is imperative. Your property branding needs to resonate with the buyer or occupant. It needs to underpin the performance, key features and attributes of the product or service you are set to market. Most importantly, it needs to be aspirational, inspirational and make your customers want to jump out of bed in the morning. 

The importance of choosing the right branding strategy is as important for a building, development or any property as it is for any retail product, consumer product or service – often, when it comes to property branding, the stakes are just much higher! 

Unlike FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), where brands such as Coca-Cola Amatil’s, ‘MOTHER ENERGY’, came out as a natural alternative to the successful Red Bull and V brands. It was a spectacular failure. So much so, that the next set of advertisements came out mocking the previous efforts! – Click here to see the ads – it got banned! 

The point being, in FMCG you can fail fast, and in the rarest of occasions, you can salvage a failed brand & product if you are as big as Coca-Cola – however, there aren’t many companies in the world that can withstand a brand flopping and simply dust themselves off and get back on the horse. In property branding, in particular, it is essential to have specialist real estate marketing services and specialist marketers who have the experience in property branding to ensure the marketing channels you are using are generating the enquiries and traffic required to ensure your business is a success. 

What is the importance of choosing a branding strategy for your property marketing?

There are many important elements when choosing a branding strategy for real estate, property marketing or buildings themselves including the following:


Firstly, you want your building known & recognised, in other words, awareness. The Q1 in Surfers Paradise, The Chifley Business Park in Mentone, The Rialto Building Melbourne and the Westfield Tower in Sydney not only provide recognition of your brand but also recall – and tenants want to be a part of that. 

You may be fortunate enough to have secured a long-term anchor tenant such as a hotel operator, bank or commodities company that can put their name to a building, thus growing your building’s brand and recognition ten-fold. But if not, you need to choose a name that resonates with your target market, that is easy to remember and that makes people aware or what and where you are. 


Similar to awareness, association pulls in the right type of tenant & buyers to your property, such as One Sydney Harbour Tower 1, the name says it all – Tower 1. The first, the best, the ‘numero uno’ – and guess what, it is the most expensive in the country! 

If you are developing a business park, industrial park, residential tower, unit block or even a single dwelling – that is grand in scale, your marketing efforts can be greatly expanded through association with premium names, brands, words, logos and symbols that match the image you are trying to portray.  

Adds Value

“What’s in a name?” Well, quite a lot if you ask most marketing executives. Adding value is not just in terms of dollar value to your property marketing. It is about adding perceived value to the brand. This can be done with the simplest of developments through creative content, logos, images and words that add real value in rent & sale prices – and perceived value, which increase the demand and status of being located within your property. 

“Prestige Apartments”, “Palm Springs Estate” and “Bear & Bull Corporate Tower” all add value to their fixtures & fittings through ‘association’ with words that have the ‘association’ with high-end, high-performance or luxury estates, but the value is built through the names themselves.  


Like all brands, the establishment of trust in your property market is paramount. Trust of quality, of integrity and longevity. Staying clear of names such as Opel Towers, which experienced wide spread cracking, rendering many of the owners homeless for a period, and much of their investment worthless.

At the same time, it’s imperative to have a building branded to suit the needs of the market, appeal to your target audience and also instil a sense of calmness in what for many buyers will be the most expensive investment they will ever make. 

Competitive Advantage

The whole mantra behind a successful marketing campaign is to build a competitive advantage over other property marketing agencies in the space. It’s about positioning your building as not only the best, but the only option in terms of residential, mixed-use, commercial or industrial property. 

Competitive advantage is being better at something, some function, some task or some marketing position, that your competitors simply cannot match. 

Even the best property marketing agencies in the world need help with their brand strategy. With this in mind, you’ll need to ensure you have an agency on your side with the experience to deliver cutting edge communication, brand strategy and digital marketing that works to boost your business enhance sales objectives.

Specialist marketers in the property branding space often use a range of marketing channels including digital marketing, video content, audio content, website, mobile apps, signage and much more, all of which is skilfully created to compliment a detailed marketing strategy tailored to a specific business or project.

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