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Gone are the days when buying a luxury yacht, owning a private island or investing a huge chunk of money in real estate were finding the coolest thing to do with the top celebrities. They have been making use of their immense popularity for the product endorsement of the well-established brands, but today many of them have started leveraging their fame to kick start early stage investments or launching startups themselves.

The rich and famous celebs are becoming more inclined to the tech world and making big investments in online ventures. The global tech world is now witnessing a ravishing partnership of the tech and celebrity which is capturing the headline everywhere these days.

Let’s watch out a few of the hot celebs who have made good investments in tech startups.

Ashton Kutcher

When it comes to A-list celebs’ tech investments, Ashton Kutcher is the earliest bird of this trend and so far he is the one who has played the best game. Today, he is leveraging big fruits of his investments in the tech startups including SkypeAirbnbFoursquareHipmunk and LikeALittle. Kutcher has also invested in the music-sharing site Spotify. So, you can say he likes investing his hard earned cash into good technology ideas.

Justin Timberlake

One of the busiest persons of this game, Justin Timberlake, has recently diverted his mind towards the tech world investment, after winning women, music and of his biggest tech investment project is Myspace he is also a brand ambassador of this online venture. Besides this, Justin has also poured his cash into Stipple and Miso Media.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Folks, if you are not aware his esteemed Hollywood actor and film producer is also a full-time startup advisor of Mobli, one of the most successful social mobile sites out there. Mobli is a photo sharing service giving tough competition to Instagram and Viddy. Leonardo invested $4 million into the company in 2011 during its initial stage. And thanks to his contribution, the company got many great rewards in marketing and PR. The collaboration of Leonardo was playing crucial role to draw in many other celebs to the site.

Kim Kardashian

This celeb stylist of Hollywood has left many actors behind when it comes to investing in tech startups. The gorgeous lady is a co-founder of Shoedazzle, an e-commerce site that helps users select shoes that best reflect their personal style.

Lady Gaga

Together with her fellow celebrity Kanye West, Lady Gaga has poured $7.5 million into, an online music portal that allows you to discover and experience music with your friends.

Selena Gomez

Besides her well-going music career and her romantic relationship with Justin Bieber, this pop star has also invested in a free app called Postcard on the Run. This app allows its users to create photo postcards from their mobiles and then let them mail it.

The list doesn’t end here. There are many other celebrities who have joined this trend. However, the million-dollar question comes to our mind is, does this investment trend is a matter of style factor for this celebs or they found it as an effective investment strategy? Or perhaps they are using technology innovations and advancements to reinforce their profile.

In his interview with BRW during his visit to Australia in 2012, Kutcher said, “making the right investment boils down to several factors, with the first being a lesson he learnt from his mentor billionaire American angel investor Ron Conway. I think the biggest thing that I learned is don’t plan on making any money. If that’s why you’re doing this, don’t do it. Instead, plan on making great companies.”

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Investing some amount to get equity can go a long way, and perhaps this is why more and more celebs are becoming a part of this trend. However, this celeb-tech relationship isn’t just beneficial for celebs only. Companies too are leveraging the power of stars’ social fame and great looks to commercialize their products or brand.

Want to be a part of the next big thing? Celebrity investors are out there, all you need is a great technology idea to hit the right place!