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10 Advantages of Social Media Promotion

If you think that social media networks are just places to have fun and share cute cat photos, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to boost your sales. While most B2C companies already use social media promotion, the B2B ones are still a bit reluctant. If you’re one of those people who still ignore or do not place enough emphasis on social media marketing.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons Why This Should Change Immediately:

Cost Effectiveness:

Social media promotion is very, very cheap, even free if you want to invest nothing else but time in it. Just set up your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, let your clients know and keep posting things that might interest them. You’ll increase your client database for sure!

You Can Go Global:

Who hasn’t dreamt of having clients all over the world? Social media is the cheapest, safest tool to start your expansion or, at least, test the market overseas. Reach out to potential customers in the countries you are planning to enter and ask what they think of your product before investing massively in opening a branch there.

Targeting the Right People Has Never Been Easier:

On Facebook and Twitter you can easily join groups of people who might be interested in your brand and share your posts there. You can start a discussion on groups like “Petroleum & Gas Specialists” or “Children’s Books”. Yes, there are virtually no limits to social media marketing.

You Can Form Your Very Own Community:

Once you have a solid fan base, you can create your own groups and have people discuss your brand. It’s an unparalleled source of genuine feedback and user-generated content.

Social Media Promotion Helps You Establish Your Expertise:

You may be a renowned expert in your field, but do clients know it? By sharing your studies on social media platforms, they will and they will definitely trust you more.

You can find partners for cross-promotional activities:

The amazing thing about social media promotion is that competitors in the offline world can easily turn into online partners. You can find companies that are willing to share lists with you or offer complementary services, so that the client can get the “one-stop-shop” experience.

Spreading the News Was Never Easier:

With just a few characters (280 on Twitter), you can share your latest promotion or announce your expansion to your faithful clients.

Online Reputation Management:

Sure, you may be selling B2B products or services. You may even rely on face-to-face meetings to do so. But be sure that the people you meet will Google you before signing the deal. They will sign it faster if they find a strong online community around your brand.

Social Media Marketing is Great For SEO:

Sharing links to the articles on your website via social networks will boost your page rank rapidly. Don’t forget about YouTube when doing so (for obvious reasons).

Never Worry About How to Get People’s Opinion on Your Latest Product Again:

You can simply post a poll on a social network and people will answer, letting you know how they really feel about your product or service. If you want to increase the number of participants, make sure to offer a certain incentive, such as a discount, for answering the poll.


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